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AutoCPAP Mini M1
  • AutoCPAP Mini M1
  • AutoCPAP Mini M1
  • AutoCPAP Mini M1
  • AutoCPAP Mini M1
  • AutoCPAP Mini M1

Auto CPAP Mini M1

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Take your BMC Auto CPAP Mini M1 device with you wherever you go, it is your ideal device for traveling.


Travel and Sleep Apnea are now synonymous with comfort, since you can go anywhere you want with the new Auto CPAP Mini Travel M1.

The smallest and lightest

This small Auto CPAP has been designed to allow you to continue receiving your therapy anywhere, since it can be carried in your carry-on bag or even in a bag, and takes up very little space.

Its small dimensions (16 cm. length x 6.6 cm. width x 7.2 cm. height) and its light weight (less than 400 grams) will allow you to take the Auto CPAP Mini M1 wherever you want, it fits in the palm of your hand! In addition, its case and carrying case are designed to allow you to travel with as few accessories as possible.

Same results

Its small size means no loss in therapy performance. You will achieve the same results as with a CPAP for home use, like the rest of the BMC range: CPAP RESmart GII and Auto CPAP RESmart G3.

Use via app

BMC adapts to the new times, allowing the use of the Auto CPAP Mini M1 through the LightTrip app, in addition to the device itself. Once you have the application connected via Bluetooth to the device, you can control different aspects:

  • Automatic shut-off function.
  • Change the configuration of the equipment.
  • Get the results of the previous night and that includes a score of your sleep (obtained through a series of variables such as time spent, average leakage and AHI).
  • Share the summary of your data even with your doctor.
  • Select the type of mask to reduce noise.
  • Reducing leakage.
  • Check if the mask fits correctly.

This app is free and available to download on Google Play and Apple Store.

Functional Auto CPAP

This Sleep Apnea device has different features that will make adapting to therapy easier:

  • Smart A/C Technology: adjusts pressure in a Smart way.
  • Reslex System: reduces expiratory effort and increases patient comfort.
  • Auto on/off: when you put on the mask, the Auto CPAP Mini M1 starts automatically, and if you take it off, it turns itself off; this is very practical if, for example, you have to go to the bathroom at night.
  • Autoramp function: once the ramp time and pressure have been programmed, the device will automatically and gradually increase it.
  • CPAP/Auto mode: you can set it in CPAP mode or benefit from the therapy properties in Auto CPAP mode.
  • 3 levels of sensitivity: to adapt the therapy according to your needs.

With any tube and mask

BMC supplies the Auto CPAP Mini M1 with a thin 15mm diameter tube, but you can also use any tube or mask that you usually use, since its connection is universal. No need to buy specific consumables!

In case of needing a mask to complete the purchase of the device, you can go to the CPAP Masks section.


Data sheet

Apnea del Sueño


  • Weight: <400 g="" li="">
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6.6 x 7.2 cm (length, width, height).
  • Pressure range: 4 to 20 cm H2O.
  • Pressure mode(s): CPAP and APAP.
  • Pressure Relief Reslex: Off, 1 to 3.
  • Ramp time: 0 to 60 minutes or automatic function.
  • Smart A/C, technology to initiate therapy at optimal pressure.
  • Control via LightTrip App.
  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Auto On and Auto Off included.
  • Noise: < 30 dB.
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A.
  • 4 anti-slip strips on the bottom to prevent falls.
  • Luminescent ring indicates if therapy is running correctly and reminds to replace filters.

  • 1 AutoCPAP Mini Travel M1.
  • 1 CPAP tube of 15mm.
  • 1 Power cord.
  • 2 Reusable filters (one is already installed).
  • 1 Instruction manual.
  • 1 Carrying case for the device.
  • 1 Case for the tube.

The warranty period for the Auto CPAP Mini M1 consists in 3 years with full replacement of the product.

However, if any anomaly is detected both in the exterior of the equipment and in its operation, you can contact TuTratamiento's Official Technical Service in Spain.

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