First of all, you must bear in mind that many of the products marketed by are for personal use, so it is not possible to return equipment or accessories that have been used or removed from their original packaging.

However, if you change your mind after receiving your order and provided it has not been opened or used, you have 14 days to return it. Shipping costs are borne by the customer and you must advise us to indicate the appropriate form for the return. Once the returned product has been inspected, you will be refunded the amount of it (except for shipping costs) by bank transfer.


The products that can be returned are those whose packaging can be opened without damaging the item inside, such as the boxes of the devices. In addition, it must be in perfect condition including the interior complements that help the device arrive in perfect condition. Products in which the packaging is broken, damaged, scratched, peeling or any variant will not be accepted.

The following is a list of products that DO allow return:

  • Devices such as CPAP/BIPAPS, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and any device included in the equipment part (excluding those that come packaged in plastic bags and to open it must break the packaging, such as Threshold, Acapella, CliniFlo, Coach, etc.).
  • Accessories for the above devices, such as car chargers, power transformers, external chargers, backpacks or transport bags.

Products that are NOT returnable are those for personal use, since once opened or after a single test by the patient, they can not be returned to the warehouse or restore the packaging.

The following is a list of products that are NOT returnable:

  • Products for personal use (except that the packaging has not been opened or damaged) such as:
    • Oxygen therapy: nasal goggles, mask, extension, connection fitting, humidifying glass, etc.
    • CPAP/BIPAP: masks, tubes, cushions, front supports, water chambers, etc.
    • Nebulization: glass, mask, tube, etc.
    • Aerosol therapy: spacer chambers, masks, filters, etc.
  • Repair parts such as the metal columns of the Inogen One G3 oxygen concentrator.
  • Batteries, independent of the device (oxygen therapy or CPAP/BIPAP).
  • Filters, independently of the device (oxygen therapy, nebulization, CPAP/BIPAP or secretion eliminators).
  • Transport trolleys, independent of the device.
  • Flow meter, Threshold, Acapella, CliniFlo, Coach, etc.

Any product and packaging will be checked, and if this or the product has any damage will not be returned. If this happens and the customer wants to recover the product, will be at their own expense without economic damage to



  • The product that is returned must not have been used (the equipment has internal counters of hours of use) or removed from its original packaging.
  • In no case the client will send the product to due postage. In case it is done this way, reject the collection of the package, running the customer with additional costs that may arise.
  • The product must be in perfect condition, with all accessories, instruction manuals and in its original packaging. In case of missing any of them, we will contact you to inform you and make it reach us. Until these are received, the amount will not be refunded.
  • The costs incurred by shipping from our facilities and sending the return will not be returned and will be borne by the customer himself. It is therefore important that you protect your article(s), as in the event of returns in exercise of your right of withdrawal, or for breakdowns or defects that are not covered by the legal warranty of conformity, you will be responsible for any damage suffered (or suffered) during transport.


If you want to return a product, you must take into account the premises of the previous paragraph and follow the following procedure:

  1. You must contact us by phone (+34 91 626 39 88) or email ( Our customer service hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Friday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm; during the month of August from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.
  2. When the return is confirmed, you will be given the address to which you must return the product you want to return. This must be in its original packaging and well protected so that it does not suffer any damage during transport. The expenses generated by the return will be the responsibility of the client and will not be reimbursable.
  3. When the product is received and inspected, it will proceed within a maximum of 14 calendar days to return the amount of the product by bank transfer.