AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20
  • AutoCPAP RESmart G3 A20

Auto CPAP RESmart G3

Ref: RS-003A
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The BMC Auto CPAP RESmart G3 with built-in humidifier is designed to provide the best treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.


The Auto CPAP RESmart G3 with integrated humidifier, tubing and wireless connectivity gives you a good night's rest thanks to its comfort and superb performance.

Reslex System

The Auto CPAP RESmart G3 features the Reslex system, which relieves pressure during exhalation for added user comfort.

Central Apnea Detection

Detects the type of apnea and emits oscillating waves based on changes in airflow and pressure.

Intelligent C/A/B function

The Auto CPAP RESmart G3, like all G3 series devices, has renewed intelligent pressure adjustment technology based on the AHI of the last 5 treatment days to adjust the pressure within a certain range.

PM2.5 Filtration

BMC has designed a new exceptional filtration system for sensitive users to further filter the air inhaled by the user without affecting the performance of the device.

Compact device

Like its predecessor, the Auto CPAP RESmart G2S, this device incorporates the humidifier, giving it a more solid and lighter appearance.


With the BMCares app you can track your therapy yourself, as you can check what is happening and see the results on the screen.

  • The registration is done directly in the app via the patient menu with a QR code.
  • You can automatically send regular reports (daily, weekly and monthly) to up to three email addresses of your choice, a very useful option for your doctor to have access to your therapy data.


With the Auto CPAP RESmart G3 you can activate the pre-warming function whenever you want so that the water in the humidifier reaches the ideal humidity and temperature within 30 minutes. So you can enjoy the warm, moist air at the start of therapy and sleep comfortably all night long.

Eco Smart Technology

The EcoSmart technology, designed by BMC, prevents condensation during nights when the temperature in the bedroom reaches the hot or cold limits.

This technology facilitates the use of the device as the water chamber and the heating chamber are separated.

Auto ramp

The RESmart G3 Auto CPAP starts at a low treatment pressure so you don't have to set a specific ramp time. Once it detects sleep, it gradually increases the pressure to the treatment pressure. With this system, treatment is delivered to the patient when he/she needs it.

Automatic Humidifier and Heated Tube (optional)

Like all G3 series CPAPs, it can be used together with heated tubing (subject to purchase separately from the equipment) so that, when configured together with the humidifier in automatic mode, the humidification result is improved by avoiding condensation and offering the user an optimal therapy experience without hardly noticing it.

Start/Stop Buttons

The Auto CPAP RESmart G3 has separate start and stop buttons to start and stop therapy, as well as an anti-error key to make the device easier to use.

User Interface

The innovative user interface design of the Auto CPAP RESmart G3, which is based on our experience with patients' sleep routines, enhances and facilitates ease of use for the patient by displaying, among other things, ambient temperature and humidity.

Accessory Reminder Function

All G3 series devices include a new function to remind the user of the correct maintenance of the equipment and the replacement of accessories which helps to improve the effects of the treatment.

PUSH Structure

The Auto CPAP RESmart G3 integrates the innovative PUSH technology to quickly and easily remove and replace the water chamber of the humidifier. You can also add water without removing the chamber.


This Auto CPAP stands out for its very low noise levels (less than 28dB at a pressure of 10 cmH2O), which promotes rest and improves the patient's sleep apnea.

Large storage capacity

The Auto CPAP RESmart G3 includes a large storage capacity SD card that records your therapy data that you can present to your doctor at check-ups.


Data sheet

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  • Very compact device: 26.5 x 14.5 x 11.4 cm (L x W x H).
  • Very light, weighing only 1.7 kg!
  • Very quiet! Only 28 dB at 10 cmH2O.
  • You can monitor yourself with the BMCares app.
  • Reslex system to reduce exhalation effort.
  • Eco Smart technology to avoid condensation.
  • Information about the last day of therapy on the display.
  • Humidifier temperature in 5 settings.
  • Sd card to record sleep data.
  • Accidental shut-off alarm.
  • Alert for leaks occurring during sleep.
  • Automatic altitude compensation.
  • Pressure range from 4 to 20 cmH2O.
  • Ramp up to 60 minutes.
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max.

  • 1 Auto CPAP RESmart G3 with integrated humidifier.
  • 1 Tube (non-heatable).
  • 1 Air filter.
  • 1 Spare air filter.
  • 1 SD card.
  • 1 Instruction manual.
  • 1 Carrying bag.

BMC offers you 3 years warranty with full replacement of the product. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact TuTratamiento and we will solve all your doubts.

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