Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box
  • Auto CPAP S.Box

Auto CPAP S.Box

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The Auto CPAP S.Box is Sefam's high-end device, technologically developed to receive your therapy, always.


The Auto CPAP S.Box is Sefam's new device to control Sleep Apnea, automatically adjusting to your needs according to the nocturnal events that occur.

Mode of use CPAP and Auto CPAP

This new ventilatory therapy device allows you to use it in both CPAP and Auto CPAP mode, by accessing the configuration panel:

  • CPAP: the pressure of the equipment will be continuous.
  • Auto CPAP: the air pressure adapts to the events that occur during sleep.

Advanced Auto CPAP mode

The Auto CPAP S.Box has an algorithm designed by Sefam to collect sleep data during the night and detect different events (apnoeas, hypoapnoeas, flow limitation or snoring), automatically changing the pressure of the equipment to adapt to your needs.

Optimal functionalities

This CPAP device has several features that make it easy to adapt to therapy:

  • Autoramp (Auto CPAP mode): adapts the initial pressure you need, allowing you to fall asleep with a low pressure and at the same time detect when REM phase is reached to start therapy.
  • Ramp (CPAP mode): it is configured to reach the maximum prescribed pressure in a specific time.
  • Light sensor: detects the degree of darkness in the room and does not increase the brightness of the display when the patient gets up during the night and takes off the mask.
  • Intelligent Start function: the Auto CPAP S.Box starts automatically when it detects breathing when putting on the mask without having to press any button; it also works the other way round, it stops working when you take off the mask without making any disturbing noise.
  • Comfort Control Plus function (CC+): it has three different easily configurable levels and slightly reduces the pressure during exhalation, making adaptation to therapy more comfortable, as you do not have to make any effort to exhale.
  • Mask Fit & Go: this mode checks if the mask is leaking or if it is correctly fitted.
  • SD card: records the sleep data and you can check them from the app or even download them so that we can carry out a more exhaustive study (consult us).

Control and configuration with the app

The Auto CPAP S.Box allows you to check your sleep data as well as configure the basic parameters of use from the application, which you can find as Sefam Access Life (available in all the stores).

The device has a wifi connection to send data to the mobile application and is able to record different parameters such as AHI (apnoea and hypo-apnoea index during each hour of sleep), pressure received, leaks during the night or CAI (central apnoea index).

Optional Humidifier

The S.Box Auto CPAP Humidifier is an alternative that you can choose if you live in a hot and/or dry climate, to prevent dryness and throat irritation by supplying the incoming air with the necessary humidity.

In addition, the device automatically detects if the humidifier is switched on and starts working instantly.


Data sheet

Apnea del Sueño


  • Small size, light and silent.
  • Device only: 24.5x14x11 cm (length x width x height); 1.4 kg; 26 dBA.
  • With humidifier: 24.5x18.5x11 cm (LxWxH); 1.7 kg; 27.5 dBA.
  • Operating mode to select: CPAP (continuous) or Auto CPAP (automatic).
  • Configurable pressure range from 4 to 20 cmH2O.
  • Comfort Control + (CC+): pressure reduction system on exhalation.
  • Altitude and leak compensation: automatic.
  • Optional humidifier.
  • Ramp: Automatic or manual.
  • Data storage on SD card.
  • Luminous, touch-sensitive and intuitive LCD display.

  • 1 Auto CPAP S.Box
  • 1 Flexible tube 15 mm.
  • 1 Power adapter and cord.
  • 1 Carrying bag with internal dividers, external pocket and shoulder strap.
  • 1 Instruction manual.

Not included: SD card, heated tubing and mask (you can complete the purchase of the device in the CPAP Masks section).

The warranty period for the Auto CPAP S.Box is 2 years.

However, if any anomaly is detected both on the outside of the equipment and in its operation, you can contact TuTratamiento's Official Technical Service in Spain.

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