Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance
  • Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance
  • Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance
  • Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance
  • Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance

Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance

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The Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance is the new range of Sleep Apnea devices from Philips Respironics: designed with operational improvements and simplified use.


The new Philips Respironics Auto CPAP range brings clinically proven, integrated sleep enhancements, including flexible setup, humidifier integration, indoor modem and advanced comfort features.

New Design

Philips Respironics has reformulated the Auto CPAP design combining elegance with advanced features to give you an exceptional treatment experience.

Easy to use

The Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance is built with your comfort in mind and offers several features:

  • Color touch screen for easy viewing of all options.
  • Intuitive use that makes it easy to navigate through the menu and adjust settings.
  • Small size so you can easily carry it on any trip.
  • Built-in humidifier that you can switch off when not in use.
  • Minimalist and modern appearance that fits into any environment without looking like a medical device.

Advanced features

The new Auto CPAP range includes many of the improved features of its predecessor, the Auto CPAP DreamStation, and some new ones:

  • New! 15 mm microflexible tube: being so small makes it very comfortable to use and easy to transport as it takes up very little space compared to the 22 mm tube.
  • New! Sim card for telemonitoring: your doctor will be able to see how you are doing with the treatment and how you are adapting to the therapy by transmitting the data (consult your doctor).
  • Flex Technology: lowers the pressure to create respiratory relief when you expel air.
  • Ramp Plus: is the intelligent ramp that will allow you to set a more comfortable initial pressure, automatically activating on subsequent therapy sessions and increasing if an event is detected.
  • Ez-Start Therapy: adaptation will be easier, as it will take into account the pressure setting prescribed by your doctor, reducing it by half for a period of 30 days.
  • CPAP Check: takes into account the residual AHI trend and will automatically adjust it.
  • Improved! Auto-Trial mode: exclusive use for clinics with the purpose of administering therapy for a certain number of days to set the pressure that best suits you.
  • Mask fine tuning: will make the adaptation to the pressure of the device more comfortable.
  • Improved! Auto-start function: allows the device to start delivering air pressure as soon as it detects that you have fallen asleep, which means you don't have to worry about manually setting the pressure.

Tracking via App

You can track therapy yourself with the Philips Respironics DreamMapper mobile app via the Bluetooh connection. This connectivity has been enhanced by allowing you to view your own sleep data, which is a great motivator and helps to encourage you to continue therapy.

Integrated Humidifier

The Auto CPAP DreamStation 2 Advance has a built-in humidifier to prevent you from forgetting it when traveling and will help keep your airway hydrated. Within the device settings you can adjust the humidity and if you want more comfort, you can complement it with the heated tube.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of the device is very easy and simple, and does not require any preparation:

  • Water chamber: it should be washed every day with a mild soap and can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Filter: it can be washed every 7 days and only with water; it should be changed approximately every 6 months.
  • Pollen filter: cannot be washed and should be discarded every 2 weeks or 1 month depending on the condition.
  • Tube and mask: must be washed every day with mild soap and cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Included items

  • 1 DreamStation CPAP with integrated humidifier.
  • 1 12 mm tube.
  • 1 Power transformer and cable.
  • 1 Filter.
  • 1 Pollen filter.
  • 1 Carrying bag.
  • 1 Instruction manual.

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