Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4
  • Concentrador oxígeno Inogen One G4

Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator

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The new Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator is smaller and lighter. Ideal for a very active lifestyle.

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The revolution in oxygen therapy has come with the new Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator.

Independence returns

With the new Inogen One G4 concentrator you will be able to enjoy all the activities you propose without having to give up anything: taking a leisurely stroll down the street, going on a trip, accompanying the little ones to the park, etc.

Go anywhere

Vacations will not be a problem as the Inogen One G4 concentrator is authorized by the FAA and can be used inside the aircraft cabin.

It is also very easy to transport as it has two options:

  • The bag that allows you to carry the concentrator hanging from your shoulder.
  • The belt makes it possible for you to wear it at your waist, giving you more freedom of movement.

Designed for an active life

Your pace of life will not prevent you from using the Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator, which weighs only 1.27kg. (with the single battery of up to 2.40 hours) and is the smallest on the market (15 cm. high x 6.8 cm. wide x 18.2 cm. long).

Unlimited departures

You can go anywhere you want! This is possible because you can charge your battery both at home with the AC charger and in the car with the cable.

There are two types of batteries for the Inogen One G4 concentrator with a different life span: up to 5 or 2.40 hours.

  Single Battery  Double Battery
Setting 1 2 hours 40 min. 5 hours 
Setting 2 2 hours 15 min. 4 hours 30 min.
Setting 3 1 hour 20 min. 2 hours 30 min.

Inogen Quality

As with the entire range of Inogen concentrators, the oxygen supply is produced in pulse flow, also known as "on demand". This means that the device detects inspiration through the sensor and sends the oxygen bolus through the nose goggle.

The Inogen One G4 concentrator provides up to setting 3 (equivalent to 3 liters per minute).

In addition, it is ready to be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you already know the previous Inogen oxygen concentrators, here are the differences from the Inogen One G3 concentrator:

Inogen One G4  Lighter: 1.27 kg Smaller: 15x6,8x12 cm. 40 dBA Up to setting 3
Inogen One G3 2,2 kg. 18,4x7,6x22,2 cm. 42 dBA. Up to setting 5

Minimal maintenance

The Inogen One G4 concentrator requires minimal patient maintenance. It is only necessary to clean the external filters by removing any external agents such as dust.

However, here are some tips for improving the condition of the device:

  • It must be well ventilated, avoiding covering it with blankets or covering the ventilation slots of the equipment.
  • Heat sources such as radiators should be avoided or left in the vehicle.
  • Do not smoke, whether it is the patient or the people around him/her.
  • If the equipment will not be used for more than a week, it is advisable to remove the battery.
  • It should always be worn with a nose goggle. If an oxygen therapy mask is used, the effectiveness of the treatment will be lost. This is because the sensor would not detect the patient's inspiration as there is too much dead space.
  • It is not recommended to add an oxygen extension as it may be necessary to increase the flow setting.

Inogen One G4 Concentrator Technical Specifications

  • Pulse flow.
  • Adjustment supply 1 to 3 (equivalent to 1 to 3 litres per minute).
  • Weighs very little: 1.27 kg with the single battery up to 2.40 hours and 1.77 kg with the double battery up to 5 hours.
  • The 3-hour battery weighs 400 grams and the 6-hour battery weighs 700 grams.
  • Dimensions 15 cm. high x 6,8 cm. wide x 18,2 cm. long.
  • 40 dBA noise (at setting 2).
  • AC power supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (automatic detection that allows worldwide use of the equipment).
  • Power supply for vehicle use (13.5-15.5VDC, Max 10A, Voltage: 12.0 to 16.8 VDC).
  • FAA approved for use inside the aircraft cabin.
  • Illuminated LCD display.

What's included in the Inogen One G4 concentrator.

  • 1 Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator.
  • 1 Battery to choose between single or double.
  • 1 AC Alternating current transformer.
  • 1 DC power cord for the vehicle.
  • 1 Black carrying bag with long shoulder strap.
  • 1 Salter nose goggle.
  • 1 Instruction manual.

Inogen Warranty

The warranty period for the Inogen One G4 concentrator is 3 years for the device and 1 year for the accessories (battery, power and car charger, carrying bag and metal columns).

However, if any anomaly is detected both outside the equipment and in its operation, you can contact the Technical Homologated Service in Spain of TuTratamiento.


The Inogen One G4 concentrator has several accessories that will make it easier to use:



Inogen One G4 Catálogo

Inogen One G4 Catálogo

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Inogen One G4 Manual

Inogen One G4 Manual Instrucciones

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