Batería simple Inogen One G5
  • Batería simple Inogen One G5
  • Batería simple Inogen One G5
  • Batería simple Inogen One G5

Battery 6 hours Inogen One G5

Ref: BA-500
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Single 6.5-hour battery life - on Inogen One G5 2-setting


Forget about being hooked up! With the single battery of the Inogen One G5 you can use your device wherever and whenever you want.

With a battery life of 6.5 hours, the Inogen One G5 single battery is one of the most advanced on the market. In addition, you can monitor the percentage or time of the remaining battery at all times, indicated on the LCD screen of the Inogen One G5 device or on the Inogen Connect mobile application.

When the Inogen One G5 concentrator detects low battery - less than 10 working minutes - it will emit an alarm to indicate the need to charge the battery or connect to the network.

The battery can be recharged either by connecting the Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator to the mains using the AC or DC cable, or by using an external battery charger. The recharge time of the single battery is 3 hours.

To extend the operating time of the battery, avoid using it for extended periods of time at temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C. Store the battery in a cool, dry place with a 40% to 50% charge. If using multiple batteries, be sure to label each battery (1, 2, 3 or A, B, C, etc.) and rotate them regularly. Batteries should not be left idle for more than 90 days at a time.