Alargador línea oxígeno 10 metros
  • Alargador línea oxígeno 10 metros

Oxygen Line Extender

Ref: MV021
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Extension of different sizes for oxygen concentrator.


The oxygen line extension will allow you to move your oxygen concentrator away from where you are, allowing you, for example, to walk around the room you are in without having to move the equipment, or to leave it out of the bedroom during sleep hours, if the noise of the equipment's operation bothers you.

Refer to your oxygen therapy device's user manual for the maximum length of extension allowed by your device. 

Available sizes:

  • 4,25 meters
  • 7,60 meters 
  • 10 meters
  • 15 meters

It will be necessary to purchase the connector between the tubing and nasal cannula.


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