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Inogen One G5 portable concentrator
  • Inogen One G5 portable concentrator

Inogen Rove 6 Concentrator

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The new portable oxygen concentrator Inogen One G5

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The Inogen range of portable oxygen concentrators is renewed with the  new Inogen One G5, capable of supplying up to 6 litres.

Now you can forget about the fear of running out of oxygen because the Inogen One G5 continues to provide the independence patients need and also maintains the same features and technical specifications as the previous version:

  • Pulse flow up to setting 6 (equivalent to 6 litres/minute).
  • Very light with a weight of 2.2 kg. with 6,5-hour battery and 2.7 kg. with 13-hour battery.
  • Incredibly small as it measures 18 cm. high x 18 cm. wide x 20 cm. long.
  • Same ease of use both at home and in portable use, as it has the power and car chargers respectively.
  • Can be used while charging, without consuming battery power.
  • LCD display with light, showing the battery life and the setting in which the oxygen is set.

The Inogen One G3HF portable oxygen concentrator is supplied with the following items:

  • 1 Inogen One G5 Concentrator.
  • 1 Battery choice of 6,5-hour battery or 13-hour version (duration in setting 2).
  • 1 Universal charger Red.
  • 1 Car charger cable.
  • 1 Carrying bag.
  • 1 Nasal goggle.
  • 1 Instruction manual.

3-year warranty on the Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator and 1 year on accessories (power and car chargers, metal bag and columns).



Inogen Rove 6 - Manual

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