BMC Face Mask F5
  • BMC Face Mask F5

BMC Face Mask F5

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BMC Face Mask F5, covers both the nose and mouth making it comfortable for you to receive your therapy.


The F5 Facial Mask is designed to have as little contact with the face as possible to ensure greater comfort during therapy.

Perfect fit

The BMC F5 Face Mask has been designed to provide the patient with an optimal fit during use:

  • Good seal thanks to the medical grade silicone that adapts to the face.
  • Soft touch avoiding chafing on the bridge of the nose.
  • Support that covers the essential area of the face.
  • 360° rotating elbow provides extra support for those who move around a lot while sleeping.

Safety while you sleep

The minimalist design makes the F5 Face Mask very safe thanks to its dual functionality:

  • The upper part of the frame is the support point for the forehead.
  • The headgear becomes a cushion, as it is attached to the frame and gives the necessary cushioning so as not to leave a mark.

Easy handling

This mask is very easy to use because it consists of only 3 elements: the headgear, the cushion and the structure, all of them very easy to wash and disassemble.


Sanitizing the F5 Facial Mask is very simple:

  1. Wash all mask components separately with warm water and mild liquid soap.
  2. Rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining soap.
  3. Let dry on a towel or cloth that does not leave any tissue residue on it.

Choose your size correctly

The F5 Facial Mask is available in three different sizes: S, M and L. To choose your size correctly, measure the distance between the bottom of the corner of the mouth to the bridge of the nose.

The size ratio is as follows:

  • If the distance is less than 12 centimeters, your size is S.
  • If the distance is less than 13 centimeters, your size is M.
  • If the distance is greater than 14 centimeters, your size is L.


The F5 Face Mask is compatible with all other BMC brand CPAP and tubing, as well as other CPAP and AutoCPAP devices from other manufacturers.

F5 Face Mask Technical Specifications

  • Easy fit due to medical grade silicone that covers very little area of the face.
  • Extra comfort thanks to the 360° rotating elbow that allows you to move easily while sleeping.
  • Dual-functional structure: headgear attachment and forehead support point.
  • Easy cleaning and assembly.
  • Compatible with any CPAP device.

What does the F5 Face Mask include?

  • 1 Frame.
  • 1 Cushion of the chosen size.
  • 1 fabric sling.
  • 1 Quick Instruction Manual.

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